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Recharging Judaism: How Civic Engagement is Good for Synagogues, Jews, and America

Recharging Judaism calls congregations to take institutional stands on community issues, explaining why this is appropriate using text study and showing how utilizing primary research -- 50 interviews with lay leaders and clergy from synagogues immersed in this work.  The book offers frameworks for embarking on the journey of civic engagement, using language accessible to Jews, non-Jews, clergy, congregants, activists, and volunteers.  

The book, co-authored by Rabbi Judith Schindler and Judy Seldin-Cohen, won a National Jewish Book Award in 2018 – the silver award for Contemporary Jewish Life and Practice, Myra H. Kraft Memorial Award. 

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“Recharging Judaism” Book Testimonials:

"This book is a guide and inspiration for Jews in this troubled time, showing us how to become agents of change in a world that is crying out for justice.

In Peter, Paul and Mary, it was our deep civic engagement, expressed in our songs and in our actions, that united us and guided us through the life-changing, painful, glorious struggles of the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement and movements beyond.  

As a Jew and an activist, if I could have one wish fulfilled, it would be that Judaism would indeed be recreated according to the precepts of this book.”

Peter Yarrow, Singer, Songwriter, and Activist

"I was increasingly enmeshed in making the case ...that Jews are called to work for social justice, that this is an enduring and text-based obligation, that we are told to pursue justice and reminded that study is good not only for its own sake but because it leads to action. 

That case is, in my opinion, brilliantly made in this book. It speaks to the what, the why, and the how of increasing our commitment to social justice—or, as it is described here, civic engagement."


‘Souls of Our Neighbors’ Documentary

When you hear “Affordable Housing”, what do you think? “Souls of Our Neighbors” is an effort to increase public support for affordable housing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg that is centered on a documentary film of the same name produced by Crossroads Charlotte, Mecklenburg Ministries and Temple Beth El.

Watch the full documentary here.